Everyone owns a car but some people have a car which they call a classic car. But what makes their car a classic car and why you cannot call your current car a classic one? The answer to this question is quite difficult to provide. Because there are certain factors which are counted for making a car a classic car. Of course, we cannot provide a universally accepted answer because that is impossible. Everyone thinks differently so, he would have a different answer. Answering this type of question whether your car is classic or not is risky. So let’s just dive in find the answers.
So, do you have a car which was manufactured in 1925 or after that? If yes, then great. According to the Classic Car Club of America, we can call a car “classic” if it is made between the years of 1925 to 1948. Also, if the car is restored in its original form and it is running on the road, then, you definitely have a classic car according to the Classic Car Club of America. Another thing is we often called an old car a classic car, but if is right to say an old car a “classic” car? Well, in some cases, yes. As mentioned earlier that a car becomes a classic car if it is manufactured between the years of 1925 to 1948 then your car is surely an old one. It would absolutely fine to call and old car a “classic car”. Moreover a car is called a classic car when it’s no longer in production, which means the same new pieces are not available in the market and all you could have is the ones which are already out in the market. Classic Car Club of America defines the “classic” cars as “fine” and “distinctive” automobile. This means that the classic cars have no match with any other cars. These cars can be taken as individuals which are special and extraordinary.
Now why we are calling the classic cars special and extraordinary? Again certain aspects can be included in it, but some of them are here. The first thing is that in the times when these cars were made there was no computer or any 35 designing machine. So, the designers had to draw everything on paper. They had to draw the sketch first and had to put some extra effort in order to get the perfect design. It was not possible to draw on one paper as they have to look for every angle. So, it required a lot of effort. Secondly, once the design was ready, they workers had to execute the plan. Back in those times there were no machines and working robots who would do the work for them. Employees have to attach every part with their hands. They had to be very extraordinary and sharp, so there would not be any chance of mistake. The ending results of manual labor were the “Classic cars”

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