A Look at Some of the Greatest Classic Cars

There is such a fascination with classic cars, especially today. Some would say that they really do not make cars the same anymore. Classic cars are timeless, which is probably why they are so desirable. There are quite a few classic cars out there that are admired by the masses. With all of these great classic cars, which ones are the greatest ones out there? This may be a subjective discussion but there are some cars that the consensus agrees are among the greatest.

  • 1969 Boss429 Mustang

When you think old muscle cars, the Mustang is likely what immediately pops into your mind. This is a cruise-worthy car that will definitely make the tongues wag on the onlookers. The body is a thing of simple beauty while the engineers forgot to include an air conditioner in the model, it is still a worthy choice.

  • 1969 Dodge Charger

1969 was apparently a great year when it came to stylish car options. The Dodge Charger is an aerodynamic car, if you happen to believe the television shows. It had a classic American look for its time though it does not seem to get half of the credit it deserves. Though, the General Lee seemed to give this car a level of popularity.

  • 1969 Chevy Camaro

Yet another stunning car from 1969, the Chevy Camaro was definitely a gorgeous car in its time. The muscle power on this car was what made it so incredible but people stuck around because it really was a beautiful piece of art.

  • 1963 Corvette Sting Ray

This list would be nothing if it did not include the stylish and beautiful sting ray. It handled a lot better than the previous models of this car and it was certainly more aesthetically pleasing. The body was curvy in all of the right ways.

  • 1967 Pontiac GTO

Some say that an earlier model of the GTO is what really started the incredible era of muscle cars. This model got better every year and in 1967, you get a great version of this powerful car that brought style and power together in one beautiful package.

  • 1964 Aston Martin DB5

Anything James Bond did or had, everyone though it was the coolest. This includes his arsenal of gorgeous cars. The 1964 Aston Martin D85 was no exception to this rule. Who would not want a car that is this cool and stylish?

  • 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto

When you see this car, you may automatically want to ride around some scenic location with the top down in this car. People will look on in jealousy as you drive around enjoying this classic beauty.
There are so many great classic cars out there that it is really hard to only pick a few of them. Cars have evolved over time with new technologies, however you cannot ignore just how incredible these cars from the previous eras are. They are timeless and will remain stunning sights to see.

How to Maintain your Classic Car

Those who own a classic car would know the struggle of maintaining it. They keep their cars as a family member, just like a family person who is loved by everyone and the one who is cared by everyone. If that family member gets in any trouble or if that family member has cut his finger by mistake, everyone would go and help that person. They would treat him well and provide the person every comfort. The classic cars are exactly like that person. If the car gets any scratch, the owners of them would worry so much and try to fix it as soon as possible. Those who own a car try to preserve the beauty of the classic car. Some extra care can save your investment for the lifetime.
One thing you need to do is to save your car from dust. This means that you need to cover your car with something, a sheet or cloth maybe. Moreover, keep your car safe from sun, water and wind. Direct exposure to wind and sun can harm the exterior of the car. Wind has little particles of sands and stones in it which can result in scratches on the car. Keep your car safe from getting any sort of scratches or dents. You can fix up the problem later, but it would not look original. Also, do not keep your car in contact with excessive amount of water. Water will spoil the color of the car and also the design of the car. It will also rust it away. Rust can eat up your car in a very short time.
Moreover, if you are checking your car on your own, this is fine and acceptable. But keep it in mind that you need a professional help in this field. Like humans need to see a doctor when they are not feeling good, cars need the same. We are not professional mechanics so we do not know what is wrong with the car and how are we going to fix that problem. So, instead of making the problem big just keep it simple and take your car to the mechanic.
Regular check-ups are another way of maintaining your car. Keep checking your car day after day. If you see a little problem which you are sure that you can fix it, then sure. Take the risk. But if you are not sure take your car to a professional person.
Classic cars look great when they are in your garage. Everyone who sees it appreciates it. But do you really take it for a trip? If no, then why not? Your classic car looks great, but, when you will take it on the road it will blind everyone. People will like it and you will be the famous person in town who has the classic iconic car. You will be the person whom people admire for not only owning the classic car, but also because your car still looks new.

What Distinguishes a Classic Car from a Modern Car?

Cars are adored by everyone, even if it is a classic car or a modern car. Men love cars be it a modern or a classic. But there is always a certain amount of people who prefer a classic car over a modern car. Have you ever given a thought why is that? Mostly our fathers and grandfathers prefer the classic car over the modern car, but the younger generation is also starting to like it now. So, let’s just start with the facts.
First of all, simplicity over modernity. The older and classic cars were simple. They had a simple system and the classic cars are reliable. The engine and all the other vital parts of a car were fixed by hands so they were very few chances of getting in trouble. If there was any problem the owner could fix it. He could take out the parts and fix the problem and later place the parts in the right place. They were simple which is why people used to like it. No doubt modern cars are fast, and innovative. They are full of technology. Modern cars also have intricate designs and systems. One cannot fix the problem without a professional help because of the electronic wires placed in them. So, this is one difference between a classic car and modern car.
Moreover, the classic cars had a very attractive design. Designers used to draw sketches on a paper. So they focused on every detail so they can create unique styles. This is the reason why the classic cars still look attractive and charming.
Most of the cars were convertible, attractive, and affordable. These cars were economically affordable. He fuel engines were efficient. The biggest difference between the classic cars and the modern cars is the engineering. Having said that back in 50’s employees used to work with hands. There were no machines to fix the parts. This is one reason why the engineering was different.
Classic cars are a source of saving your money. They are cheap in every way. The cost of maintenance is lower than the modern cars. Modern cars have the latest technology and they are expensive. You have to take a modern car to a mechanic if anything goes wrong. This means you have to spend money on it. Classic cars are easy to drive. Their system is so simple that anyone can learn it.
No doubt classic cars do not run as fast as the modern cars, but they can save you from many things. For example, from accidents. When you are driving at a lower speed, then you have control on everything. You are going on an average speed which is never harmful for anyone. So, this is a plus point for you.  Moreover, if you see another car coming at a speed you can easily slow down and save a lot of lives. In short, classic cars will always be a good option to swap with the modern cars.

How to Buy a Classic Car

When it comes to buy a car we often get confused. There are so many brands out in the market that we cannot easily decide which one to pick for ourselves. Men love cars, their love for car is endless. Every man try to buy a car which is latest and has the latest and the most innovative features in it. They prefer cars which defines their love for them. To help you in deciding which car to buy here are some tips and tricks which you can consider before buying a classic car. It is always better to spend money on things which are good for you. If you really want to spend your money on buying a vintage or a classic car then spend it on a car which comes with every best thing.
So, make a budget plan. Sure you have a lot of money in your bank account which is why you have planned to buy a classic car but make sure you do not invest all of it on a car. Save some money for your basic necessities as well. You can make a list of classic cars which are affordable for you. Then you can prioritize them according to your budget. Suppose, if you buy the most expensive car then, how much money you are going to be left with. This is how you can manage your budget plan without having any problem.
Second step would be to determine the purpose of buying a classic car. You need to have a proper answer for yourself about why you are buying a classic car. If you are buying it for daily routine then you can lower you budget. If you are planning to buy it for the romantic dinners on weekends or for a vacation going out of the city with your girlfriend then, you can add more money to it and buy the car which seems all original and has every part in its original form.
The third and the most important step would be to buy the car which is in a perfect condition. If you see any rust or mark on the body of the car then the suggestion would be not to buy it. Of course you can fix the problem but the originality would be lost. You will not end up having a factory classic car. Such changes might decrease the value of the car after you buy and fix it.
The fourth step and the most crucial step is to check the car. Inspection of the car is the most important and the key step before buying a car. Do not hurry up while buying it. Examine it completely including all the essential parts. Ask the owner about its mileage and whether all the parts are original or not.
Lastly, you can have a test drive just to make sure it can be no trouble on the roads. Once you are happy with all the inspection, make a deal.

Do You Think Your Car is a Classic Car?

Everyone owns a car but some people have a car which they call a classic car. But what makes their car a classic car and why you cannot call your current car a classic one? The answer to this question is quite difficult to provide. Because there are certain factors which are counted for making a car a classic car. Of course, we cannot provide a universally accepted answer because that is impossible. Everyone thinks differently so, he would have a different answer. Answering this type of question whether your car is classic or not is risky. So let’s just dive in find the answers.
So, do you have a car which was manufactured in 1925 or after that? If yes, then great. According to the Classic Car Club of America, we can call a car “classic” if it is made between the years of 1925 to 1948. Also, if the car is restored in its original form and it is running on the road, then, you definitely have a classic car according to the Classic Car Club of America. Another thing is we often called an old car a classic car, but if is right to say an old car a “classic” car? Well, in some cases, yes. As mentioned earlier that a car becomes a classic car if it is manufactured between the years of 1925 to 1948 then your car is surely an old one. It would absolutely fine to call and old car a “classic car”. Moreover a car is called a classic car when it’s no longer in production, which means the same new pieces are not available in the market and all you could have is the ones which are already out in the market. Classic Car Club of America defines the “classic” cars as “fine” and “distinctive” automobile. This means that the classic cars have no match with any other cars. These cars can be taken as individuals which are special and extraordinary.
Now why we are calling the classic cars special and extraordinary? Again certain aspects can be included in it, but some of them are here. The first thing is that in the times when these cars were made there was no computer or any 35 designing machine. So, the designers had to draw everything on paper. They had to draw the sketch first and had to put some extra effort in order to get the perfect design. It was not possible to draw on one paper as they have to look for every angle. So, it required a lot of effort. Secondly, once the design was ready, they workers had to execute the plan. Back in those times there were no machines and working robots who would do the work for them. Employees have to attach every part with their hands. They had to be very extraordinary and sharp, so there would not be any chance of mistake. The ending results of manual labor were the “Classic cars”

Why People Still Love Classic Cars

Classic cars have always been in fashion. People like and admire them because of the uniqueness of its design. The classic car will always be in trend. No matter how modernized we are, or become in this world. Classic cars will always be appreciated. People will always want to own them. There are certain factors which play an important part for people liking it.
First of all the major factor why people like classic car is the design. Yes, the design of the classic cars was so amazing that people could not stop admiring it. Of course, there were no computers available at that time so people/designers had to draw the designs on a paper and then adding details to it. The design was later brought into reality. Every classic car had a metal body with the unique colour combination. Honda, Toyota and many other brands have manufactured the Classic cars which have unique metal frames and body. It took years of experience to produce a classic car which can be a beauty of roads. Every shape and the design of the car was drawn first and the results were the elegant and stylish classic car. For example Ferrari and Jaguar. Their designs were iconic and amazing. The front of the car looked stylish, and every shape was perfect for a classic car.
Moreover, the time before the war and after the war, the designing of the cars was evolved. Companies at first had no computers and machines. So the engineers had to make the cars with their hands. They had to put all the manual effort which resulted in having a classic car. So, every part was added by hand and all the parts had to synchronize with all the parts.
If we consider the mechanical system of the classic cars, then we will be stunned that every part of the machinery was added by hands but it worked so perfectly. There can be mistakes if a human hand is planting every part in a car but the chances were rare. It helped the driver to control everything but with great effort. Still, the cars were liked by the owners.
However, the other reason why people still want to possess a classic car is because it defines their choice. Those who are interested in antique items are considered as the most interested people. They are surrounded by everyone and are asked to share their knowledge and areas of interest. Classic cars looks stylish when they are in your garage. Whoever sees the cars, they could not restrain themselves from complimenting. But, if you are spinning it around on the roads then, you just made people drool over your car and you.
This classic cars defines your inheritance. The classic cars have been in the history and they are the living example of a time which had gone. The classic cars express the evolution of humans and the innovation in the car industry. They describe the times when these iconic cars were everything for the people of that time. People in this age still love it because of many factors, including its design, mechanism and its stylish, elegant and iconic design.


Are you a car fanatic or love classic cars? Well today we are going to talk about classic cars. I love classic cars and I also collect them. I’m still on a search for some though. I want to talk about some maintenance and the buying process of a classic car. Comment whats your favorite classic car and come back soon to see what others say theirs is.